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What Do We Do?
Web Design

Web Design

Phast Cat Media - Lexington, Kentucky

Phast Cat Media is the complete web design and web hosting solution for the small business.

We offer completely personalized site development including:

  • HTML, DHTML and JavaScript written specifically for your site.
  • Custom graphic design to fit perfectly.
  • Menu scripts for that professional look.
  • Hosting on our dedicated web server.
  • Domain registration - you can do it or we can for you.
  • Email for your domain. (Webmail for your browser)
  • Unparalleled customer support.
  • No computer knowledge needed - We take care of it all.

How we get started:

The first step in the production process is to meet with you and thoroughly explore the site's purpose. This way we become familiar with your business and have the chance to discover other opportunities not previously considered.

With your goals in mind, we begin developing a site prototype, providing you with simple mock-ups to ensure that all of the planned content has a place and that the site navigation makes sense. We rely on our experience and education, as well as feedback from outside persons during this stage to ensure that the overall architecture will make sense to you and your customers.

Once you are happy with the overall framework and information architecture, we can begin creating visual concepts, making full use of your brand identity, themes, and so on. Your involvement reviewing concepts during this stage of the process is essential in our constructing a site that conveys the message and includes the functionality you need.

Phast Cat Media

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